KittensComing this summer.


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  1. So what’s going on with KIAB? I’ve been bugging my local retailer to keep an eye on their distributor list (at one point I thought I saw that ACD was going to carry it?) and they said the feedback from their distributor’s site said the game has been postponed again?

    I was hoping to play this over the holidays with the family. 😦 Now I haz a sad.

  2. So I’ve got this now, and it’s awesome and ridiculous. Are there any plans for an expansion to 6 players? Seems like it would be a simple matter of adding 2x 16 moar kittens (purple & orange kitties?), then 1-2 of every other card depending on the current ratios … Because the only thing better than blending 64 kittens is blending 96 of them >:]

    Regardless, nice work lads.

    • I agree, I finally was able to get my copy post-Christmas when the west-coast distributor sort of botched the promo models, but I *did* get my copy, and we’ve enjoyed it with our friends. The box confusingly says 2-8 players on the side (but the top says 2-4). I agree though, the current trend in the industry right now is to have an expansion already in the works before the original game hits the shelves. 🙂 Maybe as a Kickstarter project to get a feel for interest?

  3. I completely agree with the need to upgrade the game with an expansion so that we can play with up to 6 or even 8 players.

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