Hecho FAQ

What happens if two people call “Hecho” at the same time?

If the universe doesn’t explode, the first person to grab the project card claims it.

Can I use a specialist for two different materials in one project?
Yes.  For example, if you have 3 different brick cards and a brick mason specialist, you may use the mason to turn the cards into glass, wood, and plastic.

What is the penalty for prematurely calling “Hecho”?
Technically, there is no penalty other than a stern verbal reprimand.

What happens if you run out of cards in the scrapyard?
If there are no cards in the scrapyard there should be enough cards in players’ hands to finish a pile.  In the rare event that this is impossible, the game ends when no one can build any more.  Count up your points with out the end bonus.

Can a specialist be traded?
Yes.  You just cannot specify the material.

What happens if nobody can build anything?
First, try to trade with each other.  Trading for a lower value card may enable you to turn in a set to draw from the scrapyard.  If that doesn’t work, after 3 trades have been made, each player draws 2 new cards from the scrapyard.  If that still doesn’t work take the top card on each pile and put it on the bottom of that pile.  If you STILL cant build, stop the game, count up your points and deal another hand.


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