Globalization FAQs

Q.  Once I buy an office outside my initial market can I get any office for $10M?
A.  No.  Offices can only be purchased for $10 dollars if they are in the same market as the player’s starting company.Q.  Do disasters affect me if I only have an office and no companies?
A.  Yes. Having an office in a region counts as having real estate in that region.

Q.  Do disasters effect my total income or only income from companies in the disaster affected region?
A.  Disasters effect your total income.

Q.  I have $100M in net worth, and $50M in debt.  How much can I borrow in an auction?
A.  You may borrow up to $50M.  You can only borrow as much as your net worth minus your existing debt.

Q.  Does a player take their entire turn through all 5 phases before the next player takes a turn or does the game flow phase by phase?
A.  Each player goes through all phases on their turn then and finishes with the public auction.

Q.  What happens when the game runs out of debt cards ?
A.  If you run out of debt cards shame on you.  You need to do a better job managing your cash flow.  However, you can still borrow.  Keep track of additional debt using pen and paper or some sort of agreed upon tokens.  Use real money if you like.


  1. I needed a bit of clarification on end game debt. If you can’t afford your expenses on the last turn, but can’t borrow money for debt due to last turn restrictions, what happens to the rest of your turn? Our assumption was your company finishes before you get a chance to actually move onto the next phase. Is that the intended ruling?

  2. When your company goes public, do you remove your marker from the board or is it left as a reminder of the initial owner?

  3. Another question, when you borrow money, is the maximum that you can borrow per turn or a running total of accumulated debt? In other words, if I can borrow 150M, can I do that every turn or is that my debt limit?

    • Since your debt limit is partially determined by existing debt, you will have to recalculate how much you can borrow every turn.

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