Strategy Tips


Here’s some helpful hints for playing Globalization more effectively:

Manage Your Debt
Much of the strategy of Globalization involves how much money you borrow and how you handle paying it off. Don’t get caught up borrowing money for companies that don’t get you anything. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can just borrow and borrow and pay it off when you get around to it. Since you cap out at the cards you can draw as revenue, try not to buy companies that will take you too far past that limit. Take companies public to help get out of debt.

Build Offices Wisely
You want to build offices in order to be able to buy the right companies when they are up for sale. Its always a solid opening move to buy offices in the other two regions of your starting market. It is advantageous to be in a region by yourself. While Global Presence seems like an easy $200M, remember that having offices everywhere leaves you exposed to disasters.

Build Factories
Factories are a good investment because they can help make more expensive companies worth keeping, and make disasters more manageable.

Disasters can be devastating. If you have disaster cards, you may want to hang on to them to use them defensively. You can also use them keep your competitors at bay. If you can, use a disaster when you knock to increase the likelihood of winning.

Private Auctions
Don’t forget that you can use your Action cards for private auctions. You can use them to cycle through the companies deck, or to get a better deal on a company you want to buy.

Going Public
Taking companies public is the easiest way to get out of debt. Taking bigger companies public means getting a bigger IPO. It also means expenses you don’t have to pay the expenses for them on your next turn. You can broker public companies and take them public again in one turn.
Don’t take your ONLY company public. Its a risky move, and you don’t want someone else brokering up your company leaving you with nothing but offices to borrow against.

Use Perceived Value Cards
Don’t bother trying to hold on to the green perceived value cards unless you are near the end of the game and think you will actually use them in the next round. Otherwise they can get snatched in a lawsuit.

Knock Judiciously
Just because you have a billion dollars doesn’t always mean you should end. Sometimes it is worth holding out another round to better your situation.

Using the streamlining variant makes buying companies from the same industry a no-brainer.


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